Holly Zanoni geographer contact

I am a health geographer and GIS specialist who is focused on improving the health for all people of our world; I am particularly interested ethical use of GIS. 


When used appropriately, GIS is a powerful tool that effectively demonstrates ‘hard’ statistical trends & ‘soft’ qualitative concepts by visually detecting hot spots, spatiotemporal directional distribution & inefficiencies in the data. However, if used carelessly, GIS can lead to deceptive analyses & unethical sharing of data. Protecting personal identifying data, especially among vulnerable populations, is of paramount importance to me; thus, one of my personal goals is to teach others the ethical implications of collecting, analyzing & disseminating geospatial data. ​


I am keen to connect with anyone who is interested in exploring geography, GIS, ethics/GIS, public health, humanitarian & development efforts or Sub-Saharan Africa. If you would like to connect, please contact me via the form on this page. 

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